A handbook for business associations in Vietnam

Hi! This post is for a brief introduction of a new book which I jointly engaged in writing.

Book title: A journey toward linkage: Best practices of Vietnamese Business Associations and Self-assessment tool (in Vietnamese: Hành trình hướng tới sự liên kết: Thực tiễn tốt trong hoạt động và công cụ đánh giá năng lực hoạt động của hiệp hội doanh nghiệp Việt Nam)

You can view/download it through the link below. The ebook is available in both English and Vietnamese version.

Link download (pdf): English, Vietnamese

The report “A journey toward linkage: Best practices of Vietnamese Business Associations and Self-assessment tool” has been conducted in the framework of “Effective business association for dynamic and comprehensive development in Vietnam” Program run by The Asia Foundation (TAF) and funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia (DFAT). The program aims at competence raising for business associations in Vietnam for better serving of its members, and as such enhancing participation of these stakeholders in development of policy and legal system toward dynamic and comprehensive development in Vietnam.

The report consists of two main parts. Part I “Good practice of Business Associations Activities” provides analysis and summary of good practice by Vietnamese business associations. Part II “Proposal of Self-assessment Toolkit for Business Associations” delivers a simple set of indicators for business assocciations to self-assess their capacities.

As a member of this project team, I joined 2 field trips to conduct interviews with Vietnamese business associations and then was responsible for writing up four main sections of the report. The value of the report has been appreciated by many associations recently. That's a very good news for our team!

I am really gratifying to know that my team's efforts have been affecting the development of Vietnamese business associations in such a positve way. :)

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