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Best blogs for Econ students to read
As an economics student, you have access to a great wealth of information online. One of the best places to find information online is in blogs, such as economics blogs written by educators, experts, and self-proclaimed know it alls. Here, you’ll find the 100 best blogs for economics students to read.

These blogs cover a variety of topics in economics.
  1. Economics Help: Economics Help offers assistance with simplifying economics.
  2. EconLog: The Library of Economics and Liberty offers issues and insights in economics.
  3. Cafe Hayek: Learn about globalization, choice, financial markets, randomness, and more on Cafe Hayek.
  4. The Economic Populist: The Economic Populist allows readers to speak their mind about economics.
  5. Economic Logic: Economic Logic shares the economics in everything.
  6. Alpha Sources: Alpha Sources is interested in new ideas.
  7. Economists Do It With Models: This blog takes a lighthearted look at economics.
  8. Manarin on Money: Roland Manarin is an author offering his perspective on economics.
  9. The Big Picture: The Big Picture offers a macro perspective on economics.
  10. Citizen Economists: Citizen Economists highlights economic thought from the common man and woman.
  11. The Economics Roundtable: On the Economics Roundtable, you’ll find an aggregation of some of the best economics blogs out there.
  12. Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: Get an insider’s look into economics from Jeff Matthews.
  13. DataPoints: DataPoints offers a free and open exchange on the economy.
  14. The Undercover Economist: Check out this blog to learn about the economics of everyday life from Tim Harford.
  15. Dollars & Sense: Dollars & Sense presents news about real world economics.
  16. Economix: Read Economix to learn about economics in everyday life.
  17. Visualizing Economics: Visualizing Economics makes the invisible hand visible with graphs and charts.
  18. Cato Unbound: Cato Unbound offers regular essays on big-picture topics from some of the world’s leading thinkers.
  19. EconoSpeak: EconoSpeak shares the annals of the economically correct.
  20. Overcoming Bias: Economist Robin Hanson writes this blog about honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting, and the far future.
  21. Economists’ Forum: On this blog, leading economists discuss important topics in economics.
  22. Freakonomics: The Freakonomics blog reveals the hidden side of everything.
  23. Angry Bear: Angry Bear offers economic commentary on news, politics, and more.
Make use of these blogs to stay on top of economics news.
  1. Real Time Economics: Find economic insight and analysis from The Wall Street Journal on Real Time Economics.
  2. Beat the Press: Dean Baker comments on economics reporting on this blog.
  3. EconoMonitor: Find economic and financial intelligence that matters on EconoMonitor.
  4. macroblog: Find commentary on economic politics from macroblog, written by the Atlanta Fed.
  5. EconoPundit: Read EconoPundit to find economic news and views.
  6. Free Exchange: Check out Free Exchange to learn about economics from The Economist.
These blogs focus on business in economics.
  1. Economics Unbound: Michael Mandel provides his perspective on economic issues in business today.
  2. footnoted: Michelle Leder will help you find out what’s being hidden in SEC filings.
  3. Businomics: Businomics will help you make better decisions by better understanding the economy.
  4. Dealbreaker: Dealbreaker offers business news, headlines, and financial gossip.
  5. Megan McArdle: Megan McArdle writes this blog about economics, business, and more.
  6. The Atlantic Business: This blog covers bankruptcy reform, cutting spending, and beyond.
  7. SEC Data Guy: Check out this blog about SEC EDGAR data.
  8. The Deal Professor: Steven M. Davidoff writes about the world of mergers and acquisitions.
  9. I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Ramit Sethi’s blog offers the best of personal finance and entrepreneurship.
  10. 10Q Detective: David Phillips digs through businesses’ SEC filings.
  11. Calculated Risk: Bill McBride is a retired senior executive with a background in management, finance, and economics.
Learn from researchers, professors and more on these economics blogs.
  1. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: This professor of economics offers random observations for students of economics.
  2. Econbrowser: Econbrowser offers economics analysis from James D. Hamilton and Menzie Chinn.
  3. Knowledge Problem: Lynne Kiesling and Michael Giberson offer their view on economics on Knowledge Problem.
  4. The Everyday Economist: Josh Henderson of The Everyday Economists is a professor of microeconomics and econometrics at Wayne State University.
  5. The Epicurean Dealmaker: The Epicurean Dealmaker discusses the world of mergers and acquisitions.
  6. Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong is an economist at Berkeley that offers a reality based look at economics.
  7. Ideas: David Friedman is a self-taught academic economist at a law school.
  8. Economist’s View: Mark Thoma of University of Oregon offers his view on economics on this blog.
  9. EclectEcon: EclectEcon delivers on the eclectic side of economics.
  10. Robert Reich: Rober Reich is a former Secretary of Labor and professor at the University of California at Berkeley.
  11. The Becker-Posner Blog: These two University of Chicago professors offer authorative learning in economics.
  12. The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman discusses economics and politics in this blog.
  13. Mises Economics Blog: This blog advances the scholarship of Ludwig von Mises.
  14. MV=PQ: This blog offers a resource for economics educators concerned with economic and financial literacy issues.
  15. The Seven Scholars: The Seven Scholars share a macro perspective on economics.
  16. Aspiring Economist: The Aspiring Economist is a second year graduate student of economics.
  17. Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy: This blog is a study on Adam Smith.
  18. Aplia Econ Blog: The Aplia Econ Blog offers news that relates to your economics classes.
  19. Economics Revealed!: Economics Revealed! will help you understand economic fundamentals by examining them in the real world.
  20. Fly Bottle: Will Wilkinson is a research fellow at the Cato Institute.
  21. Welker’s Wikinomics: Welker’s Wikinomics offers a collaborative platform for teaching and learning economics.
These blogs focus on markets and investment.
  1. Winter Economic and Market Watch: Keep an eye on Wall Street on this blog.
  2. American Association of Wine Economists: Here you’ll find a blog on the economics of wine and food.
  3. The Health Economics Blog: With this blog, you’ll get insight into trends, politics, opinions, and more in biotech and pharmacy.
  4. Curious Cat: Curious Cat discusses investing and economics on this blog.
  5. Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha offers stock market news, investing ideas, and lots more.
  6. A Dash of Insight: A Dash of Insight takes an eclectic approach to trading and investing.
  7. Bronte Capitalism: This blog explores investment ideas from the position of learning what’s wrong.
  8. Abnormal Returns: Abnormal Returns offers an investment blog that’s wide ranging and without forecasts.
  9. Crossing Wall Street: Crossing Wall Street offers a guide to financial success.
  10. naked capitalism: Get a stripped down look at capitalism on this blog.
  11. Capital Gains and Games: Capital Gains and Games discusses Washington, Wall Street, and everything in between.
  12. MarketBeat: Get an inside look at the markets from Wall Street Journal’s MarketBeat.
Hard Times
Learn about the recession and reform from these blogs.
  1. Bankruptcy Beat: This blog offers a look at companies that are in trouble.
  2. Dr. Housing Bubble: On Dr. Housing Bubble, you’ll get a look at the current real estate market.
  3. TheMoneyIllusion: Check out this blog to learn about the problem of monetary policy.
  4. Global Economics Watch: In this blog, you’ll find a global economic crisis resource center.
  5. BailoutSleuth: Check out BailoutSleuth to get the lowdown on the latest bailouts.
  6. Crisis Talk: Crisis Talk discusses emerging markets and the financial crisis.
  7. Economy Watch: Frank Ahrens discusses the financial crisis.
  8. Financial Armageddon: Financial Armageddon shares information about the coming economic unraveling.
  9. Boom2Bust: Boom2Bust warns and educates its readers about the coming US financial crash.
  10. The Baseline Scenario: This blog attempts to explain what happened to the global economy, and what we can do about it.
  11. Infectious Greed: Learn about finance and the money culture from Paul Kedrosky.
  12. The Big Do-Over: The Big Do-Over discusses fixing financial regulation.
  13. Marginal Revolution: Marginal Revolution offers small steps toward a better world.
In these blogs, you’ll learn about the politics of economics.
  1. The Hearing: The Hearing offers a decoding of economic policy debate.
  2. Vox: Vox shares research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists.
  3. Economic Policy Institute: The Economic Policy Institute offers research and ideas for shared prosperity.
  4. Money & Policy: The New York Times examines money and policy on this blog.
Global Economy
Learn about economics around the world on these blogs.
  1. Planet Money: Planet Money offers a discussion on the global economy.
  2. A Fistful of Euros: Check out A Fistful of Euros to learn about European economic opinion.
  3. Japan Economy Watch: Japan Economy Watch keeps an eye on Japan’s ongoing economic crisis.
  4. Global Economy Matters: Edward Hugh examines the global economy on this blog.
  5. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Mike Shedlock shares analysis for global economic trends.
  6. China Economics Blog: Read the China Economics Blog to learn about observations, statistics, and news related to China’s economy.
These blogs are concerned with economy that can continue to grow.
  1. Oikos: Oikos focuses on environmental policy and its connection with the economy.
  2. Block’s Indicator of Sustainable Growth: Find out how the economy can continue to grow from this blog.
  3. Ecological Economics: Ecological Economics offers a cross-disciplinary conversation about economics and ecology.
  4. Environmental Economics: Read this blog from economists about environmental and natural resources.
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