Quiz for the Women's Day

I have thought about a difficult question all day. This is the question:
From the assumption that: Money and Time is needed for finding a woman. 
Let prove that: Woman = Problems.
And below is an amazing answer:
1. To find a woman you nees time and money, therefore:
Woman = Time x Money
2. “Time is money” (that’s right!) so:
Time = Money
3. Therefore:
Woman = Money x Money
Woman = (Money) 2
4. People said that “Money is the root of all problems” :
Money = Sqr(Problems) 
(Sqr: Square root: Căn bậc hai)
5. Therefore:
                                  Woman = [Sqr(Problems)] 2
                 so:   Woman = Problems !

The difficult problem is solved like that! What an interesting quiz for 8/3! Do you agree with me? :)) Oh oh’! Happy the Women’s Day!

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